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those saturnine days

I’ve stopped having a potty mouth for the last couple of years and not that I think there’s anything particularly wrong with profanities, I stopped just because I believe there are better ways to expressing feelings than certain 4 letter words. Occasionally I will have outbursts where I physically can’t control myself and I will swear like a drunken sailor that has sailed for the past fortnight. But what I often hear, (when these outbursts occur) is: “Wow – that’s not like you!” When I first heard that said to me, I was slightly affronted that my friend didn’t know who I was – or more accurately who I’ve become. That phrase now, I treat as a compliment, a testament to my personal growth and development as a human being.

  And it’s not just with the words that have come out of my mouth – my whole being has…

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