22.11.16: 84016 Pagani (SA), Italy

Sender: Giovanni 

Location: 84016 – Pagani (SA), Italy

Received a special envelope yesterday. Special because there’s a sticker seal from both Pos Malaysia and Poste Italiane. Apparently the item was received in Malaysia spoilt, or its seal ripped off. I thought it must have been Customs at first because he didn’t exactly pack the envelope properly (it’s actually illegal to post other stuff besides papers in regular international mail 🙈 but the small packet postage is so expensive!)
Swapped some cards for the used stamps. He was nice enough to have put some tea bags and stickers in the envelope too.
Not a huge Jasmine or Camomile tea fan but a gift is a gift right ;) I like the cards and tickets; unique with their colours.

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