Her Queen’s Guide Responsibility 

“It is something to be good but it is far better to do good.” – Lord Robert Baden-Powell.

Two years ago to this weekend, I closed the door to an extraordinary chapter in my life: Becoming a Queen’s Guide. Such a prestigious and honourable achievement was not and is not easy to attain nor will it ever be for the many generations of Queen’s Guides to come. With that said, it is always a grandiose moment when you hear a Girl Guide’s elation once she has received confirmation that she has succeeded in achieving one of her many dreams. Even as I type this, I await with a restless spirit for my own sister to receive her award from our Queen. 

But with all good things, there is always its counterbalance. It doesn’t necessarily have to be bad, though in the minds of many, somber and serious affairs are always party poopers. Nevertheless, please hear my heart, my dear guiding sisters as you embark on another marvellous chapter in your journey.

Mr Benjamin Parker once said,

With great power comes great responsibility.

Though a Queen’s Guide doesn’t graduate with the power to rule the world, she still has the power to influence her community and empower other young women (and men) to take ownership in building up their society. Sisters, surely we’ve gone through too many sleepless nights and risked too many As to let all the skills we’ve learnt and tears we’ve cried for only one moment before the Queen. 

Please, I implore each and everyone of us to still continue to invest efforts into our generation, if not our community, through serving them with our many skills and talents. We ought to always remember that not many are as privileged as us to have the funds and resources to help us fulfill the requirements of our badges and logbooks; parents that were willing to be our drivers to wherever and whenever we needed to go; and the opportunities to make newfound friends through our many camps and events. I believe with all my heart that to sow back into our community is only the very least we can do.

This goes out to the rest of you who had and/or have leadership roles in your respective communities. We should never think for one single second that those days are behind me and I’m not needed anymore. The world needs us and quite frankly, instead of just complaining about it, we ought to start doing something, don’t you think ;)

Now I must be off. Her Majesty has just arrived and the ceremony has begun. But before I take my leave, congratulations dearest Emeleen and welcome!


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